How To Prepare For Your Appointment

1. Research your procedure. It is a lot less stressful going into your appointment if you know what to expect. 

2. Pictures help your aesthetic provider to visualize the look you’re going for and helps us make a plan going forward, while setting realistic and safe expectations. 

3. Don’t drink alcohol the night before or take blood thinners. This will mean less bleeding and hopefully less downtime, bruising, and swelling post injections. 

4. Avoid caffeine the day of your treatment.

5. Please come to your appointment with no makeup and a clean face, if unable to, don’t worry! We always cleanse and prep treatment areas prior to injections.

6. Be transparent about your history and medications. This helps us avoid any complications!

7. Have questions ready/written down. It's common to forget when you’re nervous. 

8. Relax and enjoy. This is you-time and we are here to make sure your experience is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.